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Welcome To ITS Decision
ITSD is an on-line service to the public and transportation professionals provided by CALTRANS.
This premier service is maintained by Decision Support Staff at California PATH; provided by California Department of Transportation.
What is ITS Decision?

This is an ongoing and an online service encompassing various ITS topics and is aimed to serve researchers, policy analysts, field practitioners and general public. The website serves as a knowledge source and provides information on ITS deployments. The recently developed analysis tools serve as an emerging and effective decision support instrument to solve specific transportation issues. The site also provides extensive resources for people who want to learn more including:

  • A decision support and planning section with numerous reports
  • An on-line library organized by ITS topics
  • An extensive links section
What is "ITS"?
"ITS" stands for "Intelligent Transportation Systems," which are systems that utilize electronics, communications and information processing to improve the efficiency and safety of surface transportation.
What is new at ITS Decision?
Development and Extension of the analysis tools namely, Case Based Reasoning, Expert System and Benefit Cost tools to the Match your ITS section of the website. Information on Red light Camera and Automatic Vehicle location systems has been added to ITS services and Technology. Users can access these by clicking on Latest Updates on the left side of the window. The site is updated periodically as new information becomes available.
What can you learn from site?
The site provides objective information about ITS Services and Technologies and their performance, presented at varying levels of detail, from brief summaries to detailed reports to articles and research from government and trade sources. It is designed to be useful to practitioners in the field, policymakers and the general public.
ITS Analysis tool
ITS Wikipedia
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